CCTV at Cleeve Wood Road Shops

In August 2018 CCTV was installed along the rank of shops at Cleeve Wood Road in Downend, Bristol. The CCTV installed is in addition to any CCTV also installed by the specific businesses within the rank. Below is more information about the CCTV.

Aim: The aim of the CCTV is to aide with crime prevention and public safety. The cameras are intended to make the area around Cleeve Wood Road shops more safe and secure by offering CCTV recording.

General Information:  CCTV recording is in use within Cleeve Wood Road Shops, Cleeve Wood Road, Downend, Bristol, BS16 2SF. The CCTV is compliant with GDPR legislature. Below is the process and details of the information gathered by the system.

  • The CCTV system has SEVEN cameras installed in Cleeve Wood Road, Downend, Bristol, BS16 2SF. The cameras are managed by MICHELLE CIPOLLA & ADAM JONES.
  • There is signage available in public areas informing the public of the CCTV system and who to contact regarding any questions. These signs are positioned around the rank of shops.
  • The CCTV is securely installed and any footage is only available to the managers of the CCTV (named above). Nobody beyond those named above are permitted to view or access any CCTV footage.
  • The CCTV system is password protected, in addition to other security measures, so that only the managers of the CCTV (named above) may access it.
  • The location of the CCTV system is confidential and will not be disclosed.
  • Any requests for information about the CCTV should be sent by e-mail to The request must contain applicants full name, full address, date and time of the footage requested along with a detailed reason for the application. A fee of £10 is due upon application for any members of the general public (non-business). For any business requests for footage / information, please e-mail There are a different set of fees associated for a business request for footage.
  • Further proof of identity may be required to process the application (for security verification purposes). Any requests are kept on file in compliance with GDPR rulings. Footage will be made available within 10 working days. No other method of application is available.
  • CCTV footage will be kept on file for up to thirty (30) days, however any footage may be wiped before this time as part of the CCTV systems automated storage process. We cannot guarantee availability of any footage.
  • Requests for information about CCTV footage will only ever, at most, contain confirmation of any video footage held featuring a specific person(s). No other information is stored or available. A request for deletion of this footage is possible upon application above.
  • Any recorded footage will only feature video and no audio.
  • The CCTV is legally registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in line with GDPR legislature.