Cleeve Wood Road Shops Regeneration Group

In 2016 members of the business committee at Cleeve Wood Road shops set up an official constitution and officially formed a regeneration group committee with charitable intent. The Cleeve Wood Road Shops Regeneration Group was formed to discuss matters effecting the rank of shops, vote on issues and makes plans on how to improve the area around Cleeve Wood Road shops in Downend, Bristol. Our aim is to improve the independent shopping area at Cleeve Wood Road shops in Downend, Bristol and make it as welcoming as possible to encourage shoppers to visit. We hope to do this by both enhancing the area visually for visitors and by raising the profile of the rank of shops via social media and this very website.

Our Committee Members
The regeneration group consists of various members of staff and business owners within the rank of shops. The committee are responsible for planning the annual charity event. The regeneration group kindly receives monthly donations from certain businesses within the rank of shops who wish to participate, these are: CJ Hole, Cleeve Wood Pharmacy, Downend Bikes & Scooters, Four Seasons Takeaway, M Coleman Estate Agents, Style Collection, Victoria’s Health & Beauty, Webbs Flowers and West 70 Photography.

Our Fundraising
The regeneration group has charitable intent whereby we have put on fundraising events in the past including Christmas events and raffles. All profits from the event are then shared between the charities and with a very small portion going to the regeneration group.

The charities we support are chosen every year by committee vote. They are charities in the local area or with a local connection to Downend, Bristol and the surrounding area. The money raised at the event is then split between the chosen charities and the regeneration group. Charities that have been supported in the past have included The Wallace & Gromit Grand Appeal, B.U.S.T, Jessie May, St Peters Hospice, The Charlton Farm Trust, Paul’s Place, Manor House Frenchay and Heart Animal Rescue.

Previous events have raised a total of over £7000 for charity.

Charitable Status
The regeneration group falls under the “small unincorporated” charities classification as it makes less than £5,000 a year. As such we are unable to apply for charitable status and obtain a charity number as we do not make enough money to qualify. The work we do throughout the year is not for profit and is done to solely benefit either other local charities or to improve the area via the regeneration group. From “If your charity is based in England and Wales and isn’t a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), you don’t have to apply to register it if its annual income is less than £5,000. You can apply to the commission to register this sort of charity voluntarily but the commission will only consider applications in exceptional circumstances. For example, if you can prove that your charity has been offered significant funds but has to provide a registered charity number before it can receive the funds.” For more information about our charitable status please visit:

If you have any questions please contact us.