Shop Local

Shopping locally at Cleeve Wood Road is great for Downend and the larger community. Many of us are passionate about shopping locally and supporting the other businesses in Cleeve Wood Road. There are lots of reasons why supporting locally owned, independent businesses is a good idea. Here’s just a few.

  • For every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business around 63p stays in the local economy.
  • Small local businesses are much more likely to employ staff from within the local area – which means more jobs on your doorstep!
  • Our customers get better customer service – get to know all of us and our staff. This means a much more personal experience.
  • We’re knowledgeable about the products and services we produce and sell. We all take great pride in what we offer.
  • By shopping locally you not only support the community but you help the environment (less air pollution).
  • Downend is home for many of our shop owners and their families. It’s not just where we work – it’s where we live too!
  • If we all spent just £5 per work in local, independent shops it would result in over £5 million going into the local economy.
  • Big business and chain companies do not put as much revenue into the local economy.
  • Locally owned independent businesses mean Downend stays unique and retains its distinctive character.
  • Over the years Cleeve Wood Road shops has raised thousands of pounds for charity – we’re keen to share the love.

Simply put – we’d love for you to pay us a visit and help us continue to grow and thrive.