Advertising at Cleeve Wood Road shops

Aerial photography by Above Horizon Photography

The Cleeve Wood Road Shops Regeneration Group are pleased to offer an advertising space along the busy route at the front of Cleeve Wood Road shops in Downend, Bristol.

The advertising space is located in the tree area that runs along the junction where Bromley Heath Road, Cleeve Wood Road and Overndale Road meet. See precise location here (opens in new window). It’s a busy intersection with lots of passing traffic on foot and by car.

Space is strictly limited to one outdoor PVC banner (3 feet high x 5 feet wide) and is available on a monthly basis. Only one advertising banner will be accepted so please contact us to reserve your spot.

Advertising Rates (Subject to Change)
1 Month Advertising – £50.00
3 Month Advertising – £125.00
6 Month 
Advertising – £250.00

Banners may be removed in (1st November – early December) to advertise possible Christmas events at Cleeve Wood.

We can provide details of where to purchase a banner, as well as offer recommendations for someone to design artwork (subject to additional costs).

The money raised from advertising in this prime spot goes directly to the Cleeve Wood Road Shops Regeneration Group which helps improve the area around the shops at Cleeve Wood. You can find out more about the group and its goals here.